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Memo from the Guild Master
To Our New Members:

Welcome!  I'm renovating the site some, so sorry for the mess!  The Guild Lore section will be up soon, so thank you for your patience!  Also, Sunday remains Guild RP day.  We are however considering doing more events and are happy to field ideas.  Feel free to read through the writing section in the forums to see what characters are up to, put in a character biography sheet to tell us about your toons, or use our constantly growing library! 


All are moving to Ebon Hawk.  The guild bank, all items and all are moving as well.  It is to my knowledge that Rubat Crystal will be shut down.  ALL Members of House Inrokini are encouraged to transfer and only need send a note, whisper, etc for your reinvite.  We will also be picking Guild quests up within this next week and the calendar's activities will NOT be effected by the move.  For any questions contact myself or Jiram.  See you on the other side!!

Guild Ranks
The Ranks in House Inrokini do not indicate higher authority, with one exception.  All ranks are equal and have equal abilities and rights.  Instead, they are separated into groupings that denote which group you fall under socially and ICly in the guild.  If you have not completed guild quest 1 or equivalent then your rank will remain as 'Prospective' until completed.  If you do not RP, please message me and I will find an appropriate rank for you.

   High Council:  This Rank is for Guild Officers Only.  There is, in fact, a council for House Inrokini, however they currently are all NPC'd.
   Adoptives:  These are character's who are now apart of House Inrokini as adopted 'children' (this term is subjective).  They may or may not hold important positions or tasks but will always be treated as and will be part of the family.
  Vassals:  As a vassal you serve and aid the higher echelons of the House.  You most likely hold some rank and title granted by the Aristocra and may perform acts that range from guarding and delivering diplomatic messages and paperwork, gaining items of importance, remaining at the Aristocra's side as an aid or helping in one of the many other departments within the House.
  Courtiers:  The well do to of the Chiss and other races always seem to gravitate to such places and bring coin, influence and power.  They also tend to bring, sometimes near shameless, flirting, a bright disposition and jovial natures.  They have many associates and can be adept and wealthy sources of information. (Note:  Most are female and when in RP gear be sure to dress in your finest clothing!)
  Sentinels:  These are those who have proven both their loyalty and skill in combat.  Primary positions are as guardians for the house, or those within.  But because many sentinels possess astonishing abilities to adapt and work well both in groups and as individuals, they are also a prime choice for special missions that earn glory and favor.  Free and well cared for, these soldiers of the House are some of the strongest and most reliable in the galaxy.  Part of this comes from their mixed training in Mandalorian, Imperial, Chiss and other combative forms.
  Adepts:  With the influx of Force-Wielders and Force Sensitives flocking to Inrokini a new group has emerged, calling themselves 'The Adepts'.  Made up of Sith, Dark Jedi, and other practitioners of Force magics, they have pledged their might to the Aristocra of Inrokini and those she protects.  They are immensely strong and there are rumors that some posses rare powers that can turn the tide of battle.  Left to learn in the vast and ancient libraries of both the Chiss and Alderaanians who knows what eldritch secrets could be uncovered and evolve within the dimly lit shelves.
  Elite Guard:  The most loyal and dedicated of all the house.  They take on any mission and are the first to rally when the citizens of Inrokini are threatened.  They are not a military force, but instead are members of the community who, since the recent attack, have formed a militia in order to protect their friends, families and lively hoods.  Like the others they are well trained.  And in this case they are trained by Reni herself and by two of her other hand-picked Mandalorians.  They are a force to be reckoned with, well armored, trained in both ranged and hand to hand combat, and even trained to resist and kill force users they are extremely dangerous when in motion. 
Guild News

Guild Bank and more!

Reni, Apr 18, 12 9:34 AM.
The Guild Bank is now active for all members!  If you want items in the Gbank, contact Lorieni.  Some will be free to all guild members.  Some will be used for guild or DKP rewards, and others (Orange, Epics etc) wil be charged for.  But at a rate that is highly discounted compared to the GTC so that some items are more accessable to members.  Once we have around 250-500k credits in the gbank I will authorize daily repairs for guild.  Guild money will be used only for repairs, required items for RP, RP sets, Items for RP events etc.  Though we will also be saving for more tabs.  Our next job will be 1 million credits. Member donations to the bank are always welcome. 
Also, our Guild Quests are up and running!  Use the Guild Quest page for information regarding *drumroll please* Guild Quests.  You can also find information if you want to act as an NPC during quests. sign up for quests etc. Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.


Reni, Apr 8, 12 4:52 PM.
Happy Hallmark Easter to all who celebrate it!  Chocolate Bunnies for alll!!!!

Current Events

Reni, Apr 4, 12 7:53 PM.
Even though I haven't been feeling well, I'm hoping that our family can grow more soon.  Feel free do to recruiting or to invite people you know/rp with/ lvl with etc.   Also I plan on making some guild events, let me know when and what you would like to do and we'll make it happen.

Getting everything together.

Reni, Mar 21, 12 3:17 PM.
Our forums are staring to take shape! As is the rest of the site.  Please make sure u check up on and continue to read and check the calendar for up and coming events! Polls and other tools to make our guild life easier will be popping up every day!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Reni, Mar 17, 12 4:24 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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